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Fri, Oct. 31st, 2008, 09:01 am
Justin Hampton's "That One" On Sale Today!

Justin Hampton is an incredible artist, and one of my very favorites.  Justin's work definitely inspired me to begin my rock poster collection and I proudly display several of his prints in my home.
I'm so excited that he is involved with the Obama campaign and releasing this very special print today!


"In the 2nd 2008 Presidential Debate, Senator John McCain capped off a night of dismissive behavior toward his opponent by referring to Senator Barack Obama, not by name or title, but simply, "...that one". This image of Obama fronting various freedom fighters of the past shows the position he has taken in the gradual struggle towards equality. John McCain used the term in a contemptuous sense: I use it in total admiration and respect. I offer you...


A five color print in various shades of metallic silver ink on 100 lb acid free paper stock measuring 24"x24". Signed and numbered edition of only 200 copies."